GPs and community staff already have the local knowledge about health needs in their areas. Personal experience is invaluable and local clinicians will be aware of what is right or wrong about certain parts of the estate from which services are delivered but are probably not aware of the current condition and suitability of the commissioning area’s overall estate.

Oldham is in the fortunate position of having a modern ‘fit for purpose’ estate in place, delivered through the LIFT partnership, to enable new care pathways and service re-design to take place.

All of these facilities were developed to provide flexible service delivery which can accommodate and promote co-location of complementary services under one roof.

Matching capacity, utilisation and suitability against the needs of new commissioning processes which must deliver real savings will be a complex process. An expert in both healthcare planning and property services can provide what reorganisation will need most of all; a partner that can interpret policy and then implement it quickly and cost effectively.

We understand the challenges faced by Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver efficient and effective clinical commissioning as a result of the Health and Social Care reforms. To support that commissioning, we offer flexible lease arrangements and short and long term estate management arrangements to take away the headache of estate management.

We can also provide other business and contract support services including:

  • Financial and business management support
  • Business planning
  • Procurement and Service Level Agreement monitoring
  • Ensuring continuous service improvement

Our approach is less about producing answers to solutions we think commissioners might need or imposing fixed methods, but more about providing the right choices to be debated and progressed to a bespoke response that meets your individual needs.

No matter what choices you need to make, we will offer an independent view.