Glodwick Primary Care Centre – Courtyard Project


Working with Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale to promote the new Glodwick Primary Care Centre to local schools and the community, three projects took place:

Time capsule

Working closely with three local schools, Glodwick Infant, Roundthorn Community Primary and Alexandra Park Primary, the project began with workshops themed around: ‘What is a time capsule?’ and ‘Who are we saving the items for and what do we want to tell them?’ The focus was particularly on the theme of healthy living in 2007 and associated national curriculum activities.

The children considered the different ethnic dimensions to health and the diversity of the community in which they live, focusing on diet, recipes, keeping healthy, sports and exercise. The aim was to develop a snapshot of what life was like in Glodwick in 2007.

Internal courtyard landscaping

Along with Groundwork landscape architects, pupils of two local primary schools, Horton Mill and Greenhill, worked to explore the themes of healthy mind and body and how the environment might impact on these, for example through colours, choice of materials and structure and how they could make a difference.

The pupils were then involved in choosing suitable plants to go into the courtyard planters, thinking about what types of plants would survive there and wouldn’t require too much upkeep, but would also have a visual impact all year round. The children then helped the Groundwork team plant their chosen foliage.

Art project

Breezehill School worked with local artist Ailsa Magnus to develop a locally sensitive, sustainable art project in one of the courtyard spaces, with the theme focusing on natural global healing properties. The pupils were involved in researching and developing, with the artist, the ‘Tree of Life in the Healing Wood’. This comprises 36 wooden trees engraved with soothing words associated with healing properties found in nature.

Project success

Education manager for Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale, Suzanne Walton said: “This was a real opportunity for the young people to make their mark on a building which will be used by the local community for years and years to come.”

A celebration event was combined with an open day for the new centre and incorporated the burial of the time capsule. The local school children were able to see their work in situ and celebrate their achievements.