Community 1st Oldham was established in November 2004 under the government’s Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) programme as a public private partnership with an original aim to develop and maintain community-based primary health, social care and community premises in the Oldham borough.

While our initial focus was on developing facilities to support improved primary care provision, the move towards greater co-location and integration of health, social care and community services has allowed the LIFT partnership to thrive and develop exciting community facilities. These facilities are home to a range of services and offer Oldham’s local communities an excellent opportunity to benefit from the real investment being made towards a healthier future.

Community 1st Oldham Limited is a private company limited by shares, the majority of which (60%) are owned by the private sector.

The company shareholders are:

  • Community Health Partnerships (40%)
  • The private sector – Equity Solutions & Partners (60%)