C1O continues to support healthy living in Oldham

The Oldham Sport Active Project, sponsored by Community 1st Oldham, continues to be a success, delivering sport sessions to young people and families across Oldham.

The project has been running since January and so far over 500 people have taken part in activities such as climbing, rounders, badminton, Thai boxing, exercise to music, running and swimming and diving lessons.

One of the recent successes is the project’s work with North Lancs Training Group to engage with young people. A key worker at North Lancs Training Group commented: “In my position as Sports Keyworker at North Lancs Training Group, I try to look for activity sessions that are both challenging and stimulating for our students. The new Oldham Sport Active sport sessions are both of these; they also teach our students new skills, techniques and teamwork. Some of our students are from disadvantaged and disengaged backgrounds, these sessions help our program towards correcting this. Our students are enjoying the sessions, some of which they have not had the opportunity to try before, and some of the young people have expressed a wish to take up these new sports and we are working closely with Oldham Community Leisure to help provide continued participation.”

New sessions have also commenced in partnership with the Oldham Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy Substance Service group (ACCESS) to deliver exciting sports sessions for young people who would normally be leading chaotic lifestyles.

The project has ambitious targets to provide opportunities for 1,400 people, predominantly aged between 14 and 25, to participate in a new sport at least four times for free; the participants are then given a new Oldham Active card that will give them up to 50% discount at Oldham Community Leisure’s regular sporting programme.


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